Peter Busher, Professor, Dr.

Peter Busher is a Professor of Natural Sciences and Chairman of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, College of General Studies, Boston University. I am also a Faculty Associate in the Centre for Ecology and Conservation Biology, Boston University
Expertise: Population biology, behavioural ecology, population dynamics of beavers. Selected publications include: Population Biology and Behavioral Ecology of Mammals and Behaviour and Conservation of Beavers.
Primary research: Peter Busher is interested in all aspects of mammalian behavioural ecology with an emphasis on the interactions between mating systems, behaviour and population dynamics. His primarily focus is on the biology and behaviour of beavers. Specifically, Peter Busher is interested in the relationship between the monogamous mating system observed in beaver groups, habitat selection/modification and population dynamics. He is currently researching food cache construction behaviour as a way to understand the role between territory occupancy rates and long-term population dynamics in an unexploited beaver population. Larger questions of interest involve how we estimate wildlife population size and carrying capacity and the role behaviour, mating systems and group size play in the density and distribution of wildlife populations.