Luigi Boitani, Professor, Dr.

Since 2016, Luigi Boitani is Honorary (Emeritus) Professor at the Università di Roma La Sapienza. He was the full Professor of Conservation Biology and Animal Ecology at Università di Roma "La Sapienza" (2000-2016), Head of the Department of Animal and Human Biology (2000-2010 ), affiliated Professor at the Department of Natural Resources, Idaho University, Moscow, and member of the College of Graduate Studies (2000-2009), President of the Society for Conservation Biology (2009-11). Since 2002, Luigi Boitani is the Founder and Director of the Master program “Conservation of animal biodiversity” at the University of Rome, Founder and President of the Istituto Ecologia Applicata, Rome, Italy since 1987, CEO of Fondation Segré, Geneva since 2015 and Chair of the LCIE (Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe). Luigi is the member of more than 25 professional organizations, working groups, Boards of Governors including the Red List Partnership (IUCN and 16 other major international organizations) with responsibility for the Global Mammal Assessment (since 2003 to present).
Expertise: Social ecology of mammals, particularly carnivores. Species ranges, corridors and gap analysis. Protected areas planning and management; biodiversity surveys and the sustainable use of natural resources; endangered species and threat assessment.
Primary research: Ongoing study on (1) wolf and bear ecology (since 1973 to present), (2) mammal distribution modelling in Italy, Africa and South East Asia (1990 to present), (3) protected areas design and management, and systematic conservation planning in Italy, Africa (the most recent in Libya) and South East Asia (1980 to present). At least 25 conservation-oriented research projects on the social ecology, population dynamics, movement patterns, habitat selection and sexual selection of lynx, red fox, stone and pine martens, polecat, wild boar, ibex, giant eland, Mediterranean monk seal, feral and stray dogs, hare, hedgehog, river otter, brown bear, elephant seal, bats were performed (since 1976 to present). His activity was highly-rated by world organizations including the highest IUCN/SSC award, as Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit in 2012, Wildlife Society Award for the book “Wolves” (Outstanding Edited Book of the Year) in 2004, etc. Luigi Boitani scientific input encompassed near 360 scientific papers, 8 books, 90 technical reports and countless popular articles (including 10 popular books) on wildlife, natural history and conservation, as well as more than 300 abstracts are evidence of participation to congresses.