Franck Courchamp, Dr., First Senior Researcher homepage.html
First Class Senior Researcher at the CNRS (The National Center for Scientific Research), a public organization under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Education and Research (since 01/10/2015), and work also at the University Paris South. In 2014-2015, he was on the Sabbatical year as Invited Scholar at University of California Los Angeles, USA. His scientific input reached 118 publications in international peer--‐reviewed journals, 9 book chapters and one Book (“The Allee effect”, with two co--‐authors), one popularization b ok as “Ecology for dummies” (in French). Franck Courchamp’s work citations reached 11000 ((Google Scholar, h=45;
He is the author in two international expert reports (GBO4 & IPPC5), and participated in 59 international conferences (31 invited). His activity was highly-rated including Fulbright Fellowship (2014), Silver Medal of the CNRS (2011), Excellency Prize CNRS (2010--‐2013), Southwood Prize 2000 of the best paper by a young researcher (British Ecological Society), Secured and managed 14 major grants (over 3.8 millions €) since 2001; Listed by ISI (Thompson Scientific – Web of Science) as a ‘Highly Cited’ scientist both in the field of “Ecology/Environment” and in “All Fields” (top 0.5% of ecologists based on past 10 years); his two papers are listed in Faculty of 1000 (Ecology Letters. 15/4: 365–377 & PLoS Biology. 4(12): e415.)
Expertise: Franck Courchamp specialised in population dynamics, conservation biology, invasion biology, climate change, and to a lesser extent overexploitation and public perception of biodiversity. He also has recently written a number of essays, for example on the importance of fundamental ecology, on the specific difficulties of invasion biology.