The first meeting took place at the International Exhibition of Hunting and Game Fishing in Düsseldorf, Germany, under the supervision of Professor Fritz Nüsslein on October 16 and 17 1954, at the suggestion of Harry Frank. A free association titled „Internationaler Ring der Jagdwissenschaftler“ was founded. The second meeting was held in Graz, Austria, in 1955, and later congresses every second year. At the suggestion of H. M. Thamdrup, it was supervised by a committee, later by the presidents of the previous, present, and planned future congress.

Over the years IUGB was operated as a rather flexible structure, acting as a meeting/congress, discussion and knowledge exchange platform for biologists, game managers, hunters, foresters, veterinarians, sociologists, rural economists and other users of natural resources, sharing a professional/academic interest in the conservation, biology, management and sustainable use of game resources as well as of other wild species and their habitats.

The main IUGB event is the international Congress, organized every second year in a different country. Previous IUGB Congresses (e.g. Hannover 2005, Uppsala 2007, Moscow 2009, Barcelona 2011, Brussels 2013, Puebla 2015 and Montpellier 2017) have attracted an international audience of up to 500 wildlife experts from all over the world, the outcome of which usually being published in the IUGB separate proceedings or in the peer reviewed and high quality scientific journals.

Short Chronicle

IUGB number Year City Country Website/Collaboration
34 2019 Vilnius Lithuania
33 2017 Montpellier France 14th Perdix congress
32 2015 Puebla Mexico
31 2013 Brussels Belgium Diversity in Wildlife Management – Objectives & Tools
30 2011 Barcelona Spain 13th Perdix congress
29 2009 Moscow Russia
28 2007 Uppsala Sweden
27 2005 Hannover Germany
26 2003 Braga Portugal 10th Perdix congress
25 2001 Lemesos Cyprus 9th Perdix congress
24 1999 Thessaloniki Greece
23 1997 Lyon France
22 1995 Sofia Bulgaria
21 1993 Halifax Canada
20 1991 Gödöllö Hungary
19 1989 Trondheim Norway
18 1987 Krakow Poland
17 1985 Brussels Belgium
16 1983 Košice Czechoslovakia
15 1981 Trujillo Cáceres, Spain
14 1979 Dublin Ireland
13 1977 Atlanta Georgia, USA
12 1975 Lisbon Portugal
11 1973 Stockholm Sweden
10 1971 Paris France
9 1969 Moscow Russia Transactions of the IX. International Congress of Game Biologists, Moscow, September 1969
8 1967 Helsinki Finland
7 1965 Beograd-Ljubljana SFR Yugoslavia Les rapports du VIIe congrès, Beograd-Ljubljana, septembre 1965
6 1963 Bournemouth UK
5 1961 Bologna Italy
4 1959 Oosterbeek Netherlands
3 1957 Aarhus Denmark
2 1955 Graz Austria 42 participants
1 1954 Düsseldorf Germany organizer Prof. Fritz Nüsslein, Hannoversch Münden

The IUGB 2019 Congress is organized by the Institute of Forestry LAMMC (Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry,

Liepu str. 1 Girionys LT-53101, Kaunas district, Lithuania